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Monika Tour Guide

Who is Monika?

It is my privilege to share with you what I’ve come to love and respect for over 5 years. In my guiding career, I have permission to work as a tour guide/interpreter with foreign guests in India, from the Ministry of Tourism & culture, Govt. of India. I have had the pleasure to guide groups to all attractive parts and destinations whole country showing our way of life and culture and let them get involve with them by themselves. I have the qualifications to make you love Agra as it is meant to be experienced. Daughter of a Sanskrit teacher, my blood runs thick with history, culture and tradition. Experience the beauty and the wonders of world the Taj Mahal with me! 🙂 _____Monika

Her Mission.

Her mission is to guide, with a mixture of entertainment, making history come alive, interesting facts about the present society, fun anecdotes about everyday life and love of my home city! to me, it is very important that my guests have a great time and at the same time get to learn about India and the Indian life style.

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